True North Nylon Works is a business run by a proud Canadian Armed Forces veteran. We are driven by a deep commitment to excellence, both in our work and in our relationships with our customers. We believe in being competent and efficient in all that we do, while also recognizing that mistakes can happen. When they do, we hold ourselves accountable and work tirelessly to make things right. At True North Nylon Works, we are dedicated to doing our absolute best, every single day.

  • Ethan McDonald - Founder

    As a veteran with years of experience working with textiles, Ethan is the co-founder and hands-on creator of True North Nylon Works. He brings an innovative and creative approach to everything he does, constantly striving to improve the quality and functionality of the products he makes. His attention to detail and hardworking nature ensure that every item that leaves the shop is of the highest caliber. Ethan's industriousness is only matched by his heart, and he truly cares about his customers and their needs. He finds great joy in the outdoors and spends time with his trusty companion, a dog named Kylie.